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FAQ- Electrical questions 

Here are some of the electrical questions we have encountered 

An electrician is often asked questions regarding electrical work that is being done by a homeowner. Although this can be okay, there are many rules and regulations that need to be followed for safety, including the National Electric Code also refered to as NFPA-70. If you are unsure you should always contact your local electrician.

FAQ- Do I need a permit when upgrading my electrical service panel?

Yes, you always need a permit for this to be done. There are two ways to go about it, the first is if you pull the permit yourself which will save you money. The second option is to have us pull the permits for the job which we will charge our time for this process.

FAQ- How much does it cost per square foot to wire or re-wire my house?

Electrician Cost by Home Size. New wiring costs $3–$5 per square foot on average while rewiring costs $6–$10 per square foot. Mar 23, 2023

FAQ- Why are my lights flickering?

This is not normal and could be the cause of an overload or short circuit, or even worse a faulty electrical panel. There are some older electrical panels like the Zinsco,  Federal Pacific, Sylvania and others that are known for starting fires due to a bad circuit breaker and panel design. If you have one of these electrical panels you should be planning on changing it out and upgrading ASAP.

FAQ- How often should I replace my spark plug and air filter on my backup generator?

Typically this should be done bi-annually or after 200 hours of run time.

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